KRJST STUDIO has a triangular structure composed by Justine de Moriamé, Erika Schillebeeckx, and their tapestries. Four hands, two souls, and four eyes are tuned together to invoke a collective memory, to alter it, and to pass it on. KRJST seeks the boundaries where anxiety and bliss are found; it explores the contemporary definition of femininity in a society that is as fascinating as it is frightening. KRJST's work reflects an emotional mapping in response to the world we live in. How to deal with paradoxical feelings, reflecting both the paralysis in the face of urgency and the positive sensation of imminent change? How to deal with the political, economic and environmental cataclysms of our time? How to manage social pressures as a woman, as a thirty-something, as an artist.These questions are translated into tormented visions of hanging gardens and incandescent vegetations. Paths through which apocalypse, wars, injustice, climate are in balance with beauty, journey, force of nature, tradition and the sacred.


Selected Exhibitions

  • Pierre Bonnefille “ conversation” (Paris) 

  • Domaine Adornes solo show “ Entropy”(Bruges)

  • Thierry Boutemy “the flower exit” (London)

  • American Irish Historical Society “Canto XIX” (New York)

  • Marcq museum “ Art&Swap” ( Buenos Aires)

  • Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain “ Melancholia” (Bruxelles) 

  • Galerie Philippe David solo show “ Florebo Quocumque Ferar”(Zurich) BEIRUT art fair, Art Elysées Paris,

  • DANIEL CROUCH RARE BOOKS solo show “ Florebo Quocumque Ferar”(London)

  • ART SABLON gallery solo show “ Florebo Quocumque Ferar”(Bruxelles)

  • ART SABLON solo show “ AWE ”

  • Galerie Desmet & Galerie Harmakhis (Bruxelles)

  • Collectible Art Fair (Bruxelles), Belfius Art Gallery (Bruxelles) 

  • Atelier Relief solos show (Bruxelles)

  • BOZAR (Bruxelles), MoMu (Antwerp), Bread & Butter (Berlin)

  • Saatchi Gallery (London), YIA art fair (Maastricht/Brussels)


by KRJST Studio