ON THE BEACH - Mesher - Istanbul 2019.


VIVIAN VAN BLERK is born 1971  in Cape Town, Afrique du sud, he graduated Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 1995. He settles in Paris in 1996.

"Many of my photographs are of models I build. After the photograph is taken, the model is dismantled, destroyed or recycled. The model gone, our access to that vanished real world is only through the photograph. The tantalizing photograph becomes a door to a world where the viewer's imagination is engaged to wonder what happened before and what will happen next and what is hiding in the shadows or just outside the frame."

Vivian van Blerk, Paris 2016


IG: @vivianvanblerk1



by Vivian van Blerk

Flood Giraffe2.JPG


by Vivian Van Blerk