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Drawing from the rich tradition of iconography, as well as facilitating his extensive expertise in typography and architecture, Henrik Delehag’s aim is to create icons that both reflect upon, and inform the modern world.

Henrik Delehag was born 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden, and spent formative years in New Zeeland as a teenager. He received his formal education at Berghs in Stockholm. Since the year 2000 he resides in London.

To date he’s been part of the artist duo Benrik, together with Ben Carey. Their work spans best–selling books, films and tech innovation, and have been on show at The Museum of Modern Art, NYC. They have also creative directed numerous well–awarded commercial films.

He lives and works in a 19th century South London church tower. He is currently working on two exhibitions, as well as on a film project together with his wife, Tina Delehag, planned for release in 2017.