Laura Maldonado is a 30 year old avid traveller and curious explorer of natural and constructed beauty. She loves to analyse the cultural link between people and their surroundings.

Laura completed her studies of Architecture in 2012 at the Technical School of Architecture and Geodesy in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, and the University of Genova, Italy. Wanting to expand her knowledge about the design of functional and non-functional objects, she undertook and obtained a master degree in Applied Arts and Design at the Aalto University, Helsinki.

Laura's designs have been featured in various publications including TlMagazine, Artsthread, Newnordicdesign, and Disegnodialy among others, with Wallpaper magazine referring to her work as ``outstanding and particularly cutting-edge´´.

Her pieces are the result of an experimentation and exploration of materiality through the concept of emotion and sensory experience.

With MiMaMe, her latest three-piece project, Laura Maldonado awakens our senses through the unique aesthetic of each object. Adopting elements of curiosity and surprise, she invites us on a journey across feelings, emotions, and desire, where pleasure and relaxation literally float in absolute harmony.

IG: @lau.maldo