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 Thierry Lancelot works primarily with ceramics to create unique narrative pieces. He works with both mass-market and antique found porcelain figurines, cutting up and or adding gold plated or sterling silver elements to them and repainting them, to create sculptures which depicts the male and female figure caught in sexual poses, or surrealistic renderings. The sexual representation is not the main focus of the works. Indeed commonly known stereotypes of mass production in art, sexual representation of the puritan society or ironic and satirical portraits are representing in a format whose underlying meaning is all about the increase of the emotional response of the beholder. This leads to a personal language that tends to ignite emotion through increased perception. In any regard, the figures - broken remains of times past - attempt not only to express the transience of the human being, but also to act as a clue for the beginning of a revelatory narrative and a critique towards a society that hypocritically condemns to secrecy all those aspects of human life that stretch beyond the social establishment of morality and normality, flirting with sexuality, decay, morbidity and finally with the boundaries of our own reason.

“Emotion is what every artist hopes to initiate within the mind of the beholder. It can be achieved at several levels of perception. Intuitive perception constructs the primal, almost animal reaction to emotion. It is basic in the sense that it does not need any reference be it technical, social or philosophical in nature. It is the common "like - no like" approach to art and serves as the fundamental of the mechanical construction of reason. Although it is based on a personal interpretation of the visual, often conditioned by social and moral determinisms, it serve a fundamental purpose and that is the construction of mental models that allows each individual to understand the world around them. This perception can be fine-tuned by technical knowledge or historical context that will lead to the second level of perception and that is the one that fundamentally helps to develop the mental model in what it needs in order to become Awareness. This purpose can only be achieved by understanding the hidden language of the artist’s work. The language serves as the breeding ground for increased emotional response. Both levels of intuitive perception help to foster the mechanics of the mind but an artist may choose to initiate a final level of perception by forcing the beholder to deconstruct and reconstruct again the mental model. It is when stopped in this unconscious back and forth mind travel that the emotion is ignited at an increased level. The emotion anchors the mental model into reality initiating mental patterns and builds our consciousness. This newly created emotion relates not only to one self’s primal behavior but also to the unconscious construction of who we are as human beings. In this mind constructive process, each individual will try to grasp the model as a personal understanding of the artist's language. But in essence it will be only one possibility among many. What links them all together is the emotion that is generated by the artwork itself. And the vehicles may vary. In my work, erotic and brutal interruption details are used to initiate these levels of perception creating the sought after emotion that builds the human conscience.”

(Thierry Lancelot – March 2013)